Margarat's Hope Darjeeling TIPPY

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About The Product

If Darjeeling Tea is the champagne of teas, Margarat's Hope Darjeeling is the Krug of Darjeeling Teas. Margarat's Hope tea estate is a world famous tea estate that was established in 1830. It is known to create some of the most revitalizing and exotic teas. This tea is made from the small, fine tea leaves that are sweet with a flowery after taste. The liquor is golden in colour with undertones of unripe fruit.


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Brew the Perfect Cup

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    180 ml 90 degree Celsius.

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    Put 2 gms of Tea leaves and pour water on top of it.

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    Brew for 2-3 minutes and starin.

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    For Cold brew Refrigerate few hours & add ice cubes.


  • Darjeeling Tea

    Delicate, minty fresh with musky- sweet tasting notes, Darjeeling tea is known as the ‘Champagne of teas’.

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