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Gifting FAQ

1. What to gift a person who loves tea?

What better gift for a tea lover than variety of tea. Tea
Heaven has numerous types of gift boxes available with different types of tea
like herbal tea, masala chai, detox tea etc. Choose from a wide range of gift
sets and share happiness.

2. How do you pack a tea bag as a gift?

Tea bags are packed in a vaccum
sealed, foil pouch, which is then placed inside a decorative Tea Heaven box.
The box is elegant and works best as a gift box too.

3. What is the shelf life of tea?

Although, tea never gets spoiled,
but it will retain its freshness up to one year, that too, if kept in a cool,
dry, air tight container. In case of exposure to moist, humid air for a longer
period of time, the tea may lose its fragrance and flavour.

4. Is organic tea caffeine free?

Organic tea or herbal teas are usually caffeine free
as they come from plant other than ‘Camellia sinesis’ (the plant from which we
get Green, Oolong, Black and White tea) which contains caffeine.