Elachi Chai

Rs. 250

About The Product

This malty tea is almost as old as tea itself. The antioxidant content in cardamom helps in protecting the cell from damage and reduce free radicals in the body. Certain compounds in cardamom also help in improving air flow in the lungs thereby help in smooth respiration. High in antioxidants, this refreshingly aromatic tea blend would be the perfect companion on cold rainy evenings.


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Brew the Perfect Cup

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    180ml at 80-85 degrees Celsius.

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    Put Tea bag in the cup and pour water directly top on it and milk as per your taste

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    Brew for 4-5minutes.


  • Cardamom

    Good source of Anti Oxidants, Helps in improving bad breath, Helps in improving digestion

  • Black Tea

    Improved Focus, Helps in improving Gut Health, Helps to boost heart health

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