Chamomile Green Tea

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About The Product

This caffeine-free tea blend has its origins in the ancient Egyptian times where it was used as an immunity booster and to treat fever. Chamomile tea increases the production of melatonin and serotonin that help in alleviating stress. It also helps in boosting immunity, promote good heart health and digestion. This refreshing tea blend has subtle fruit and herbal notes with an incredibly refreshing finish.


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Brew the Perfect Cup

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    180 ml at 90 degree celsius.

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    Put tea bag in the cup and pour water on top of it.

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    Brew for 4-5 mintues.

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    For cold Brew Refrigerate for few hours and add ice cubes


  • Chamomile

    Helps to reduce stress, Improves Sleep Quality, Helps in lowering blood sugar levels

  • Green Tea

    Helps in weight management, Rich in Anti - Oxidants, Improves Cognitive Function


Increases Fat burning

Relaxes the body and promotes sleep

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