Brand Legacy

Tea drinking is profoundly embedded in our way of life and families through ages. We are steeped in the legacy that dates back to 70 years. Since our inception, we have been delivering the finest range of teas from India to our customers. Following this passion of quality tea, the tea heaven aims to deliver the teas that would be helpful for the customers to beat their daily health problems.

Direct Procurement from the Gardens

At The Tea Heaven, teas are directly sourced from the estates where they are grown and processed, cutting the traditional and tedious process of 4-6 months. The supply chain process omits any middlemen- sellers, buyers, Importers and auction houses. A tea expert continuing the tea legacy from the past 35 years handpicks the teas from the best gardens of India. We are committed to deliver the teas directly from farm to cup which takes only a week to reach to our customers. We are profoundly established in our tea values.

Protection from the enemies of Tea

We go steps beyond to improve the tea experience for our customers, and in this quality play the utmost part. Our teas are packed in the special designed food graded 3-layered protection Tin container, which protects Tea from its biggest enemies: moisture, heat and light. The Tea in these containers are further kept intact using the revolutionized technology which prevents Whole Leaves from being crushed on the movement and loose its actual aroma. It keeps the oxygen away. Crushed tea leaves changes the flavor of the tea after it is brewed. Each box goes though the eyes of an expert to ensure the quality of tea and its packaging. Because we are concerned about the environment you and us live in. Considering it our duty to protect the environment, each product used for packaging is either reusable or biodegradable. We envision giving the same taste of every cup from first till the last after the seal is broken.

World-class Tea Community

The Tea Heaven has been created and crafted with the focus on each & every step –right from the procurement to the delivery of the freshest tea. At The Tea Heaven, we are not just a tea brand, we are a leading community. Everyone involved in The Tea Heaven believes in Tea and have been associated with the world of tea for most of their lives. We are a family-owned business in the field of tea tasting and blending for over several decades. Uniting everyone under one Brand, we bring you the richest flavors of the top-quality teas that you might have never experienced before.

A Dream to empower Woman

Women have played an important part in the tea industry. Woman pluckers are preferred because of their nimble fingers and dexterity. They toil at least 8-10 hours, harvesting nearly 50,000 stems a day in a typical Indian Tea Garden. As a tribute to these women in tea industry, 95% of employment is reserved
for woman at our tea community. We take motivation from the hardworking women picking tea leaves to deliver our strong message of women empowerment. This Initiative of ours is aimed to make sure
that the ones behind all this magic do get their recognition and appreciation.

Your Brewing Partner

Using the innovation, we also serve to be a leading brewing partner to our clients. We help you brew the perfect cup of tea by just scanning the QR code. We aim at introducing 24*7 brewing support for our customers to enjoy the tea just like we do. Our objective is to deliver the best-ever tea experience through our cups of tea –the finest in the world.