Margaret's Hope Second Flush

Rs. 499

About The Product

If Darjeeling Tea is the champagne of teas, Margarat's Hope Darjeeling is the Krug of Darjeeling Teas. Margarat's Hope tea estate is a world famous tea estate established in 1830. It is known to create some of the most tantalizing teas. This cup is yellow in colour and leaves a sweet bubbly taste with a refreshing feeling.


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Brew the Perfect Cup

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    180 ml at 90 degree celsius

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    Put tea bag in the cup and pour water on top of it

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    Brew for 2-3 mintues

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    For cold Brew Refrigerate for few hours and add ice cubes


  • Darjeeling Tea

    Delicate, minty fresh with musky- sweet tasting notes, Darjeeling tea is known as the ‘Champagne of teas’.

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